Wedding Photography

Wedding photography guide

Do you want to get better and better at wedding photography? Many times, all you need is just the right amount of practice, focus, and commitment. But how can you get the very best results as a beginner/amateur? If you are new to the industry, you can still be an excellent wedding photographer. All you need to do is to follow these tips, and that’s it, you will be more than impressed with the results.

Pick the right locations

Remember that wedding photography is special for your clients, so you always need to scout new locations and figure out if they fit your clients or not. Talk closely with them and see if they enjoy the location you have in mind.

Always have a backup plan/get the best gear you can

You will have to purchase high-quality equipment if you want to become a wedding photography expert. It’s important to get your full-frame camera, but at the same time, you will also need a backup camera in case things go south. When it comes to lenses, it’s a good idea to opt for the faster ones. Fast zooms, as well as prime lenses, are the best option here.

Get the proper lighting as well, as it can make the difference. Flash units, small location monolights, and LEDs, as well as flash brackets,  are a very good investment, and you should keep them in mind. Get a good high speed and high capacity memory card too, in fact, you need to purchase a bunch of them, so you never run out of storage space. A battery backup would be helpful too. Some other tools you might need include light diffusers, modifiers, a tripod, super clamps and carrying gear.

Shoot in detail

Don’t shy away from using your zoom. Your clients want to have the utmost detail, so make sure that you capture that. And while there, try to turn off the sound on your camera, you don’t want nor do you need it.

Use diffused light to your advantage

You can employ the utilization of a flash unit, or you can try to use a different set of lenses. This will help you get better and higher quality shots in the end.

Shoot in RAW format

Most of the time you will hear that clients want their pictures in JPEG. However, shoot everything in RAW format, this will give you the very best results. It will be easier to modify your images in Photoshop and the resolution will be higher. Plus, you can find many software converters that help you convert RAW to JPEG with ease.

Shoot from different perspective

It’s a very good idea to shoot from more than a single viewpoint. This will provide you with an entirely new way to impress your clients. You can always take shots from wide angles, down low and up high.

Wedding group shots

You will have to take some group shots. It’s important to try and get everyone in their designated place quickly, as this is how you can get the very best experience. Plus, people will be less bored by the process since they don’t have to wait for a very long time.

Keep your camera in the continuous shooting mode

Why should you do this? Because you don’t want to waste time turning the camera on and off all the time. You will want to take hundreds of shots, and thus it can be very important to have your camera ready for that.

These are some of the best wedding photography ideas that you can focus on right now. If you want to be the very best wedding photographer you should consider making the most out of these great ideas.